Drunk Girlfriends Ice Guy’s Balls CFNM Party Video

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These party girls paid for a male stripper and now they are taking advantage of him for their CFNM party. You wouldn’t believe that these drunk girlfriends are normally docile, though some booze and their hormones have turned them into femdom bitches. The grab at the stripper’s big cock and make it get hard. At the same time, the party girls dump their ice cold drinks over his chest and balls, collecting the droplets in a cup below his junk. The more the guy screams, the more fun these femdom party girls have.

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Tied-up and gagged boy in femdom cfnm scene

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This teen boy here was hanging out with his female friends in an abandoned old house where they usually spend their time together. At one moment the girls were feeling a bit horny so they asked him to pull his pants down so that they could have some fun with him. He was thinking that he will get some nice cfnm treatment but he was only partially right because the babes gagged him and tied up his hands as they decided to have some femdom fun with him. They jerk off his cock and spank him like never before and he really loves it.

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Cock Gets Turned into Pinata for CFNM Party

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What is going on in this cfnm video!?! The party girls have invented a new game for their bachelorette party. It is based on the idea of a piñata, only that their male stripper is the piñata and he gets blindfolded while the party girls take turns fucking his hard cock. He is supposed to guess which femdom babe is riding him. Every piñata eventually bursts open and the sexy girls are working hard in to make him explode his male candy everywhere. It looks like this bachelorette is winning so far.

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CFNM Party Girls Make Stripper Service their Pussies

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I’ve always thought it must be a great job to be a male dancer, especially for a bunch of party girls like these babes. It is someone’s bachelorette party but all the hot chicks have turned into wild honeys and are acting as though it is their last night of freedom. They attack the male stripper with the fury of femdom sluts, demanding that the guy pound their pussies in exchange for dollars. This guy wouldn’t dare refuse the party girls, especially when they are looking at him with those hungry eyes.

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Ass play in cfnm femdom scene

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When this guy came to his sexy friends because they called him to have some fun, he thought he will get laid but he wasn’t exactly right about that. The girls decided to give him a nice ride but this cfnm action was a bit more uncomfortable for him. They took of his clothes and put him on the floor and then they gave his butt a nice ride. See them as they are engaging in some femdom fun and having fun like never before as this poor dude gets humiliated and banged even though he just wanted to get laid.

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